Week in review pt.1 (5/17 - 5/23)


Personal junk

I grabbed life by the balls and took that damn Drupal certification test...and failed. By one question. That...was...demoralizing. I have issues with these kinds of standardized tests anyways because:

  1. Multiple choice question tests are not an accurate measure for how one will deal with issues on an actual job.
  2. Many of these tests are just side revenue builders for companies. I didn't find a single free practice test, and after the test I wasn't made aware of which questions I got wrong, only a percentage of the questions I got right in each section. Barring memorizing the questions, how is anyone supposed to reliably get better at this? It's almost as if their priority is not to train stronger developers, but to design a very easy to fail test and charge $300 for the retake. My gatekeeper senses are tingling...

But even knowing all of this, I still took a test and failed, and that's painful. So I just stewed for the better part of the week. On the bright side, talking about biking with a friend inspired me to jump back into the cycling life. Churned out a good 16mile ride from Brooklyn into Manhattan and back. Seeing a lot of life in my city really put me in a great mood. Them New Yorkers are New Yorkin' again and I fuck with it.

Enough personal junk...

Articles I've read

Google is opening its first ever real-world store: Google is coming through with a store on 15th and 9th ave in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan. They've never really had a flagship brick and mortar shop a la Apple store, so that's cool.

A Primer On CSS Container Queries: Container queries are in baybeee! Admittedly I've only skimmed this one because I want to do a deep dive on the topic + some experiments. In a nutshell, media queries consider the viewport when making certain elements behave how we want. Container queries allow us to get even more granular with element control by causing the element to respond to a defined container’s width. It's interesting and worth exploration even though the feature is only available on Chrome Canary at the moment.

Media consumed

"That Damn Michael Che" on HBO. From SNL Weekend Update fame, he's hilarious and has some shit to say about the black experience via some very uncomfortable sketches.

"Tenet" on HBO. It’s a little silly, and a half hour too long, but it’s your fun Nolan-esque time fuckery. What's not to enjoy?

"Monster Hunter" on Nintendo Switch. The MMORPG for people who don't like MMORPG's. It has more in common with a fighting game than an RPG with it's very specific button combos, frame cancels, and variety of movesets. Add a very helpful community and deep gameplay (some one teach me how to Charge Blade) and you got yourself a lovely experience. Added note, I love "quality of life" designs in games. Honestly that could be it's own subject, but I'll just point out one: when you're in the smithy choosing from the massive tree of weapons or armor, the smithy, this older man who certainly give out lovable curmudgeon vibes, says out loud, "No need to hurry, there's plenty of time." To me, this is the game designers recognizing that yeah, I'm spending a shit ton of time fine tuning my load out and that I might feel self conscious about it so boom, here's a little reassurance nudge lol. It's something that could have totally been left out, but there's a designer somewhere who thought that voice line would be a good idea because it would make a player just feel good. Love that.

Till next week...