Session Zero


There's this concept in the prolific TTRPG, D&D (acronyms are fun!) called the Session Zero. It's basically a meeting of the Dungeon Master and her/his players where they chat about tone and character backstories. Basically setting the expectations for how the campaign might go.

Well, in peak nerd form, welcome to my campaign. Er, blog. It's a blog, we're not playing anything. Though just to set your expectations for what kind of content I'll be doling out, it'll be a mish mash my opinions on a variety of subjects. I like talking about music, doing CSS experiments (see my experiments page), ruminating on the intersection between tech and culture, video games, food.

So stick around. My posts will be on a "when I feel like it" basis, but I'm trying to hit that once or twice a week mark.

Okay. Let's get started...