Ad Age

2019 - Current

Use HTML, CSS and Javascript to design and build novel presentations and interactive news applications for non-traditional stories and story elements, working closely with content team to conceive and develop new ways to tell stories (both for daily content and print-to-web)

Support both the Ad Age and Ad Age Creativity editorial teams in photo, video and page production: Editing, resizing, posting, and archiving in content management systems as well as external platforms such as social media and asset management systems

Posting and archiving various content types into content management systems as well as external platforms such as social media and asset management systems.

Work closely with reporters and editors to visualize data, create and package charts/graphics, design searchable/sortable datasets and build other interactive elements such as multilayered (parallax) pages and slideshows for desktop, mobile and social web experiences

Work closely with the design and web development teams to build out new front end and back end products for users (audience) and editors

Continually improve our online user experience by troubleshooting front end user experience incongruities with the help of the web development team

Support Ad Age Creativity with ongoing partner and customer interactions and support. Aggressively keep pace with trends in online storytelling and digital media

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2018 - 2019

Built and manipulated web pages for Samsung US using Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)

Utilized JIRA to communicate with team members and resolve various website issues/updates

Collaborated with Production, Development and QA teams to enhance the website for better usability/user interaction

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2017 - 2018

Managed collaboration pipeline between team members and client needs regarding the strategic development of Teachers College’s various micro-sites.

Lead CMS training sessions with client content managers and editors.

“Creativity-first” use of photoshop, HTML5, CSS3 and various JavaScript libraries to provide the best possible solutions to clients.

Approved new software and managed technology implementation into the TC web development team workflow.

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